Cloud Bread Korean Animated Childrens TV Programming
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Animation made by Animation made by GIMC, Carloon, DPS, KBS, Hansol. With cloudbread made by mom, childrens play, fly, and have fun. Viewers also can learn great imagination through the animation. Cloud Bread is a fantasy adventure animation with an educational purpose produced by GIMC, Carloon, DPS, KBS, Hansol. Hongbi, the lively heroine full of curiosity and imagination as well as wittiness, is a lovely girl of seven-year old. Her little brother, Hongsi, is an unpredictable, greedy, and whimsical little boy who often troubles his sister, but Hongbi cannot help but to deeply care for him. One morning, Hongbi and Hongsi find a piece of cloud caught in a tree branch, and carefully carry it over to their Mom. Not only she is the kindest and the most understanding mother in the world, she can also bake cloud bread. Mom kneads the cloud and puts it in to the oven. After 45 minutes, savory looking Cloud Bread floats wafting delicious fragrances in the air. The moment Hongbi and Hongsi bite into the Cloud Bread they find themselves afloat as well. The animation Cloud Bread is based on formerly published children's book. The original publication has won the illustrator of the year in Bologna Annual Exhibition of Children's Book in 2005, and ranked number one on popular children's book in 2006. Due to its' former acclaim, the animation. Cloud Bread will easily approach and be warmly welcomed by the children as wells as the parents.
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